Abortion / Adoption

There is no more important mission than standing for the sanctity of human life.
The U.S. Declaration of Independence guarantees each American the right to, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I believe that an unborn child is a life, and as such, shall be guaranteed the right to life. Denying life to the unborn conflicts with these stated protections and undermines the value of life in our society.
Additionally, I am a strong supporter of adoption as an alternative to abortion.  I serve as the Co-Chairman of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and have authored proposals designed encourage domestic and international adoptions for American families.  When my daughter and son-in-law adopted my granddaughter, Marie, a beautiful girl from Ethiopia, they joined hundreds of thousands of other adoptive parents around the country in affirming that there is a better way than abortion, and there is hope for every child.  I will continue to work on initiatives to promote safe efficient adoptions, as well as legislation that encourages more families to take in children in need of foster care.


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