Second Amendment

As Congress contemplates new restrictions on the Second Amendment, we must not fall into the trap of hastily adopting proposals that offer Americans no additional safety, nor should we take action that would trample on the rights of those who merely seek the right to protect their homes and their families.
Recent history demonstrates that a ban on firearms, so-called “assault weapons,” do not make us any safer.  The assault weapons ban that went into effect in 1994 is widely accepted as ineffective in reducing gun violence. Weapons included in the 1994 ban were never used in more than a modest fraction of all gun murders in the first place, and though the number of assault weapons owned by private individuals has risen in recent years, our nation’s murder rate is at historic lows. Criminals, by their very nature, have no respect for the law and that is why I do not believe an outright ban will do anything more than restrict the rights of law-abiding individuals.
Concerning universal background checks, a truly universal background check would require a person to run a check on his son, daughter, or spouse prior to giving that family member a gun. This serves no purpose in reducing gun violence. I will not support such an extreme plan, nor will I support any plan that allows the government to implement a registry of firearms.
We must make sure that current laws are enforced and that weapons stay out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. I will not, however, further restrict the Second Amendment or its contribution to the free exercise of all our constitutional rights.


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