Jerome Holmes Nomination Senate Floor Statment

   Mr. President, first, let me thank the junior Senator from Oklahoma for the time he spent on the floor and the time he spent defending this man, not that he should ever need any type of defense against some of the accusations. I didn't realize that there is an article referred to where he stated: There are other ways to get minority students on college campuses besides handing out benefits based solely on skin color.
   I am proud of it. I am also proud of the fact that I have known Jerome Holmes for some 5 years. Frankly, prior to this nomination, I made recommendations to the President that he consider this man because he is so incredibly qualified. We all agree he is a man of great character and undeniably fit for the bench. He has connections with both Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma, as well as the District of Columbia, a family history that goes back.
   He was one of the prominent figures in the Oklahoma City bombing that took place 11 years ago. He was on the Oklahoma City bomb prosecution team, and I believe it was his distinguished service as assistant U.S. attorney that really began to set him apart in the legal field.
   When asked about Mr. Holmes , most lawyers in Oklahoma begin their compliments with his work as U.S. assistant attorney in some public corruption cases in our State. He is someone who is willing to get in there and criticize and open up things other people aren't, a great characteristic and I think very important. But if I were to single out another one, I would say his chairmanship of City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma. This is their mission statement:
   Serving the homeless both with help, hope, and healing in the spirit of excellence, under the call of Christ.
   I have certainly made my position known for quite some time concerning him and how he limits his opinions to the facts, the litigants, and law before him in any case. At a time when our Nation is faced with the onslaught of judicial activism, he is a breath of fresh air and I believe he is a man of character and principle; that he will rule justly within the parameters of the law.
   We have a resolution from the Oklahoma Bar Association. I have the former president of the American Bar Association, the president-elect of the local Federal bar association, I have the deans of all three of the Oklahoma law schools praising him in the highest of terms.
   Judge Holloway, currently sitting on the Tenth Circuit, noted Mr. Holmes's compassion for people whose cases were before the court. John Richter, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, who worked with Mr. Holmes , can speak from the prosecutor's perspective and has said that Mr. Holmes is a man of integrity and character and possesses a rock-solid work ethic.
   Mike Turpen is someone with whom Senator Coburn is very familiar. I don't believe in the years I have known Mike--and we have one of these very honest relationships. He is a very partisan Democrat. I don't think he has ever said anything nice about a Republican in his life except Jerome Holmes . Dan Webber--we have all these Democrats who are lined up without anyone dissenting from the idea that this guy is the perfect nominee to be confirmed to the Tenth Circuit.
   Judge Ralph Thompson--I was elected to the State legislature with Judge Thompson. I considered him not just one of my closest personal friends, but he is certainly a judge of distinction in Oklahoma and has been for over 30 years. He ought to know a thing or two about judges. He said:
   Mr. Holmes is dedicated completely to the rule of law, the proper role of the judiciary and to applying and interpreting the law without regard to personal views on given issues.
   I don't think there is any judge, any Federal judge in the history of Oklahoma, who is more highly regarded than Judge Thompson. He also went on to affirm Mr. Holmes's honesty and compassion.
   I have a letter from Pastor George Young, a member of the NAACP and the Urban League, who showed great character in voicing his support for Mr. Holmes . He said: I trust Mr. Holmes , and so in light of our differences I support his nomination. Now, he is one who doesn't agree with everything, every statement that Jerome Holmes has made, and yet he supports his nomination. He is for him. He is supporting him, head of the NAACP and the Urban League.
   I talked with various attorneys in the State, and they all have good things to say about him. What I want to do, Mr. President, is submit for the RECORD a list of letters, if this has not been done by my colleague from Oklahoma.
   It has been done, so it is already in the RECORD.
   I thank my colleague for the time he spent in the Chamber. It happens I am on the Armed Services Committee, and we have a critical meeting that is going on even right now, so I haven't been able to be here, but my absence from the floor is no indication that I don't hold this person in the highest regard.
   I worked hard in getting his name to the President, made that recommendation early on, and I believe he will be confirmed and history will reflect later on that he would be one of the greatest circuit judges, and I certainly encourage my colleagues to support his nomination to the Tenth Circuit.
   I thank the Chair.