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Bill# Bill Description Updated
S.4129 Cosponsored — LOCAL Infrastructure Act
S.4117 Cosponsored — Paycheck Protection Small Business Forgiveness Act
S.4096 Cosponsored — A bill to extend the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program of the Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.
S.4086 Cosponsored — Forgotten Vietnam Veterans Act of 2020
S.3985 Cosponsored — JUSTICE Act
S.4063 Cosponsored — Impact Aid Coronavirus Relief Act
S.4053 Cosponsored — No latest title...
S.4041 Cosponsored — A bill to assist the American energy sector in retaining jobs during challenging economic times.
S.3744 Cosponsored — Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020
S.3814 Cosponsored — RESTART Act
S.3717 Cosponsored — A bill to require the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to submit to Congress a plan for the modernization of the information technology systems of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and for other purposes.
S.3748 Cosponsored — A bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the United States Army Dust Off crews of the Vietnam War, collectively, in recognition of their extraordinary heroism and life-saving actions in Vietnam.
S.3686 Cosponsored — A bill to provide for parental notification and intervention in the case of an unemancipated minor seeking an abortion.
S.3678 Cosponsored — A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to provide for payment of work-study allowances during a public health emergency relating to COVID-19 and for allowances to veterans enrolled in educational institutions closed for emergency situations, and for other purposes.
S.3683 Cosponsored — A bill to authorize the imposition of sanctions with respect to the People's Republic of China for its obstruction or failure to cooperate in investigations relating to the outbreak of COVID-19, and for other purposes.
S.3597 Cosponsored — A bill to appropriate funds for the SPR Petroleum Account.
S.3503 Cosponsored — A bill to authorize the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to treat certain programs of education converted to distance learning by reason of emergencies and health-related situations in the same manner as programs of education pursued at educational institutions, and for other purposes.
S.3535 Cosponsored — A bill to extend the due date for the return and payment of Federal income taxes to July 15, 2020, for taxable year 2019.
S.3547 Cosponsored — A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to waive limitations on expansion of facility capacity under rural provider and hospital exception to ownership or investment prohibition during coronavirus 2020 emergency period.