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Environment and Public Works Committee Press

November 2012
Inhofe: FWS Proposed 'Threatened' Listing on Lesser Prairie Chicken Good News for Oklahoma - Crucial Step Towards Achieving a 'Not-Warranted' Decision
Inhofe Statement on EPA Refusal To Grant Waiver on RFS Mandate
Hearing Statement: Legislative Hearing on the "Water Resources Development Act of 2012"
Norquist: 'No conceivable way' carbon tax matches pledge
Inhofe Blasts Obama Administration For Failing To Comply with Law, Hiding Costly Regulatory Agenda
October 2012
Inhofe Thanks Big Green Group for Award for Efforts to Stop Extreme Left Agenda
WATCH: Inhofe on Fox News: Obama Failing to Comply With Law on Regulation Transparency
Inhofe, Murkowski Call for Joint California Gas Price Hearing
New Senate Report Reveals Economic Pain of Obama-EPA Regulations Put on Hold Until After the Election
Inhofe: Presidential Proclamation of National Energy Action Month Just Before Election is 'Amusing'
Inhofe Asks for Hearing on EPA's Alleged Conducting of Illegal Human Experiments
September 2012
Bipartisan Letter Expresses Concern with EPA Overreach in Hydraulic Fracturing Diesel Fuel Guidance
Inhofe Responds to Appointment of Ron Curry to Replace Crucify Them Armendariz as EPA Region 6 Administrator
Inhofe Applauds House Passage of Stop the War on Coal Act
Inhofe and Pryor Introduce Bill to Exempt Farmers from SPCC Rule
Inhofe Opening Statement: Full Committee hearing on Water Resources Development Act: Growing the Economy and Protecting Public Safety
Inhofe Applauds EPA's Delay in Timeline for Proposing Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule for Commercial Buildings
Inhofe Opening Statement: Oversight Hearing on NRC's Implementation of Recommendations for Enhancing Nuclear Reactor Safety in the 21st Century
Solyndra and Armendariz: Two of ObamaĆ­s Major Energy Blunders Back in the Spotlight
August 2012
Court Strikes Down Obama-EPA's Cross State Air Pollution Rule as an Illegal, Flawed Regulation