Senator James Inhofe - Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

“The National Petroleum Council’s most recent report stated that our policies promoting the use of natural gas as an environmentally attractive fuel are in conflict with laws and regulations that limiting access to gas-prone areas. Under these policies, it’s as if we have turned our proud, strong nation into a man starving to death, complaining about it, and then simply refusing to eat.”

“Tactics employed to stop exploration and production of new natural gas sources under the pretense of “environmental protection” are costing this country dearly and will only get worse if we don’t act. There are those who are simply opposed to drilling anywhere, anytime and will go to all lengths to prevent it from occurring. But we can explore and produce while protecting the environment.”

Governor Donald L. Carcieri -- State of Rhode Island “The high cost of natural gas is taking a toll on our economy across New England and the nation. In today’s competitive world manufacturers cannot raise prices to compensate for rising energy costs.”

“The only long-term solution is to increase supply. We must develop reasonable policies on both state and federal levels that allow natural gas to be produced and delivered to homes and businesses across the country.”

Bob Drake -- Vice President, Oklahoma Farm Bureau

“One of the industries highly dependent on natural gas as a feedstock and critical to American agriculture is the fertilizer industry. Natural gas is the primary feedstock in the production of virtually all commercial nitrogen fertilizers in the United States, accounting for 90 percent of the farmer’s total cost of anhydrous fertilizer.”

“Our domestic fertilizer production capacity has already experienced a permanent loss of 25 percent over the past four years and an additional 20 percent is currently shutdown due to high natural gas prices. The current price volatility threatens the existence of what remains of our domestic fertilizer industry and will exacerbate America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy and fertilizer.”

Joel Bluestein -- President of Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

“New sources of gas supply will be needed to meet future growth in gas demand without creating further upward pressure on gas prices.”

Mike Caskey -- Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity Exploration & Production Company

“Today in the Rocky Mountains, there is a well-funded, coordinated effort underway to obstruct and delay the development of domestic oil and natural gas. This effort, orchestrated by aggressive special interest groups, is employing whatever means necessary. And the consequences of this activity are significant.”

“The success of these special interest groups in delaying natural gas production has contributed to the higher costs that homeowners and employers have seen for the past two years. These costs have had a negative impact on our economy and have led to the loss of jobs in our industrial heartland.”