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May 11, 2021

Inhofe in the Thomas Tribune and Okeene Record: Biden's First 100 Days Disappointing

After 100 days in office, it has become increasingly clear that that the Biden administration is moving us in a direction: the wrong one. Just compare that to the tireless energy and countless victories we achieved for Oklahomans and families across the country under President Trump. We need to get back to solving real problems with real solutions. Instead, we are seeing the exact opposite: A return to the failed Obama-era policies.

Leading the way—a return to big government and tax and spend policies. Take the Biden administration’s response to the coronavirus. After Republicans led a strong bipartisan response to the pandemic, under the direction of the Biden administration, Democrats rammed a $1.9 trillion bill through Congress that spends hundreds of billions of dollars on untargeted "relief" and advances policies that have nothing to do with COVID recovery. Biden also is pushing his $2 trillion dollar “infrastructure” plan—which he claims is about infrastructure, but it is really just the Green New Deal in disguise. The Biden Plan spends more on electric vehicles than on traditional infrastructure combined. Just seven percent of the Biden Plan goes to roads, bridges, airports and waterways—what we can all agree is infrastructure—and the rest goes to enacting the radical climate agenda. Clearly, the Biden administration is trying to use the popularity of traditional infrastructure to enact his progressive wish list.

Biden is also decimating our energy industry: he killed 11,000 high-paying American jobs by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline; he’s jeopardizing our energy independence with a moratorium on new oil and gas drilling on public lands; he’s doubling-down on the job-killing Paris Accord that lets the world’s worst polluters off the hook. These are just a few of the radical policies he’s imposing that might sound good to activists in California or New York but here at home, Oklahomans know these policies will decimate our economy and make us dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs. Biden’s record is a stark contrast to what we accomplished during the Trump administration to move American energy independence forward: withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, cutting harmful regulations and taking monumental steps to finish the Keystone XL Pipeline which created thousands of jobs in Oklahoma. The Biden administration is destroying all of this work and hard-working American jobs with it. We saw over the last four years how light touch regulations led to the United States leading the world in reducing CO2 emissions—further proof that American businesses didn’t need to endure the effects of heavy-handed environmental regulations during the Obama administration. This is just another Obama rerun in the making—very bad news for Oklahomans.

Then there’s the Biden Border Crisis. It is baffling to think that the Biden administration would clearly incentivize illegal immigrants to bypass the legal process, allowing illegal immigrants charged with heinous crimes to be released into American communities and allow asylum abuse to run rampant. Even a number of my colleagues across the aisle agree President Biden’s policy changes have caused this crisis. In March 2021, we had the highest number of illegal migrants in 20 years. In fact, even the liberal Washington Post noted the huge number of illegal migrants was unable to fit on Customs and Border Protection’s charts that track this data. To put those numbers in perspective, in March 2021, we had 172,331 border apprehensions compared to 34,460 we had one year earlier—that’s more than five times last year’s apprehensions. How could anyone deny this is a crisis?

I am extremely concerned about the Biden administration’s attacks on the pro-life movement. Just take a look at the policies this administration is promoting. Recently, we held a vote on the nomination of Xavier Becerra to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mr. Becerra is widely known for vehemently advocating against pro-life policies during his time in Congress, and as California Attorney General, trying to force nuns to provide access to birth control and abortion-inducing drugs and pushing for the expansion of access to “abortions by mail” during the pandemic. Unsurprisingly yet unfortunately, the Biden administration has rolled back many of the Trump administration’s most significant pro-life achievements, including the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy (the expanded Mexico City policy), which prevented global health funds from going toward international nongovernmental organizations involved in abortion, and the Protect Life Rule, which prevented Title X family planning funding from going toward abortion clinics.

Right now, the United States faces the most dangerous set of security challenges in my lifetime: China and Russia are using military power to achieve political aims; rogue regimes are aggressively expanding their ability to threaten neighbors; and global terrorist groups remain determined to attack Americans and our way of life. The primary mission of our military is to secure the nation against all threats—or as the Constitution puts it, “to provide for the common defense.” I used to be able to say our military had the best of everything, but in certain areas that is no longer true. China and Russia jumped ahead of us in developing key technologies, like hypersonics, artificial intelligence and nuclear modernizations. We were working towards rebuilding our military under the Trump administration. Sadly, the Biden administration is on track to degrade our military just like during the Obama years.

It is not the time to go backwards—yet that’s what the Biden policies are doing: returning us to the Obama-era of stifling regulations, thousands of jobs lost, trillions of dollars taken from hard-working Americans for federal bureaucrat gain and scarily lax national security. The first 100 days showed us the true priorities of the Biden administration and how liberal he is despite his “moderate” campaign promises. While Biden is pushing our country in the wrong direction, we won’t let him win. 

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