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February 28, 2020

Inhofe in The Weatherford Daily News: U.S. Senator gives thoughts on State of the Union Address

Earlier this month, President Trump outlined his vision for the future of our country. One thing is clear from his remarks: the great American comeback is here under the direction of President Trump. Our economy is the strongest it’s ever been, and it’s only getting better. Here are five big ways the president and I are working together for Oklahoma families.

One: we're committed to rebuilding our military and taking care of our veterans. The numbers prove it. Since President Trump took office, we’ve invested $2.2 trillion to rebuild our military. This means we are finally making up for Obama cutting 25 percent of the defense budget over his last five years in office. We are making progress, but we aren't done yet. The president's peace through strength strategy keeps the focus on our strategic competitors, China and Russia, while also taking out known terrorists, like al-Baghdadi, Soleimani and Qasim al-Rimi, who were all monsters. 

Working with President Trump, I authored the FY20 NDAA, legislation that sets our defense policy for the year. In it, we took a big step to catching up to China and Russia—establishing the U.S. Space Force as the sixth branch of our Armed Forces. I'm proud to help President Trump turn his bold, strategic vision into reality.

Two: We are working to secure the border. The president agrees with me—walls work. In fact, illegal border crossings are down 75 percent since May. That's a result of tough policies and historic cooperation with the Mexican government. I am going to keep working with the president to finish building the wall and end the abuse of the asylum process.  

President Trump made this clear - sanctuary cities are dangerous and must be held accountable. Sanctuary cities create safe havens for illegal immigrants seeking to evade federal immigration laws. I agree with President Trump. That’s why I have coauthored multiple pieces of legislation that would crack down on states like California and New York that endanger Americans to the benefit of illegal immigrants. This week, I cosponsored a bill that would bar certain federal grants from going to states that defy federal immigration laws or issue driver licenses to illegal immigrants. States should not be effectively encouraged to break federal laws. Thankfully, the Trump Administration is holding sanctuary cities accountable for their lawlessness. Just this past week, President Trump’s DOJ took action against New Jersey and a county in Washington state for these policies. The president is taking action and I will continue to push for an end to sanctuary cities.

Three: we're putting American consumers and businesses first with new trade deals. Oklahoma farmers, businesses and manufacturers rejoiced when the president signed the USMCA. This new trade agreement will provide certainty for American farmers and ranchers. It will preserve free and fair access to North American markets. This is the latest of the improved free trade deals the president has negotiated. The first phase of the China deal and agreements with Japan and South Korea are others he’s done. I plan to work to ensure all Oklahomans continue to reap the benefits of the President’s trade policies. 

Four: President Trump said it himself—life matters. Especially important—he was the first president in history to actually go to the March for Life. I am proud that we have the strongest pro-life president in our nation’s history. He and I believe every life has value. Sadly, not everyone sees that. Case in point: Over two-thirds of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted in the United States. I am proud to have introduced legislation to prohibit abortion based on a Down syndrome diagnosis. I look forward to continuing to work toward the passage of this legislation and other key pro-life bills I have supported, including the Life at Conception Act and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. 

Five: this year, we have a historic opportunity to invest in infrastructure—roads, bridges and waterways. A long-term highway bill would provide needed funding for Oklahoma projects. This would reduce congestion and support economic activity across the state. We're also committed to enacting a water resources bill that would take necessary steps to upgrade the Tulsa-West Tulsa Levee system. It would also invest in efforts to modernize the MKARNS—ensuring both projects empower economic development in Oklahoma. 

I am optimistic about the future of our country under President Trump and the State of the Union is strong. Despite Democrat efforts to smear the president, he gets work done for Oklahoma families. It’s inspiring to people back in Oklahoma—I hear it often: “promises made, promises kept.” President Trump has an optimistic vision of America’s future. From his track record, I know he will continue to deliver results. I look forward to working with the administration this year to turn even more of his vision into reality. The Great American Comeback is here, we’re all a part of it.

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