agNearly every week I travel to Oklahoma's farm country to speak directly with farmers and ranchers and listen to their needs.  I am committed to advocating on behalf of rural Oklahoma and ensuring that we remain a leader in America’s agriculture production.
Producing food in the United States is vital to our national security and prosperity, and production agriculture contributes billions to Oklahoma’s economy each year.  Having lived in a rural state all of my life, I proudly support the American farmer and rancher and recognize the invaluable role farmers have in our society.  Too often our farmers and ranchers are saddled with burdensome regulations that endanger our family farming operations.  I work to protect the hard-working, common sense values cultivated in rural America.  I will work closely with the communities of rural Oklahoma to enact policies that protect the family farm and keep the American food supply safe, reliable, and affordable.
I believe that it is essential that American agricultural policies protect private property rights of landowners and encourages conservation, help family farms struggling with unnecessary mandates and federal regulations, provide disaster relief to Oklahoma producers hit by severe natural disasters, promote Oklahoma’s ingenuity in alternative energies that does not compete with feedstock, and ensures that farmers and ranchers continue to have vibrant access to foreign markets to take advantage of the abundant market opportunities abroad.