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National Security

The American people trust Congress to provide for their security by maintaining a strong national defense. As the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I have the sacred responsibility of ensuring that the men and women who volunteer to wear the uniform have the training, resources and equipment they need to complete the mission and return home safely.

Oklahoma has a rich military heritage, and I have worked to maintain our military installations throughout the state and ensure they have the resources they need to attract new missions and keep Oklahoma at the forefront of our national defense. I will continue to work on behalf of Altus Air Force Base, Fort Sill, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Tinker Air Force Base and Air Logistics Center and Vance Air Force Base as well as our numerous National Guard stations throughout the state.

Defending America has always been my number one commitment; however, the security and well-being of the United States are at greater risk now than at any time in decades. I am committed to rebuilding our military readiness and capabilities to address the growing threats from our adversaries. Since World War II, the United States has led the way in building a world of prosperity, freedom, and security—an achievement that has benefitted America enormously and been enabled by unmatched U.S. military power. As Chairman, my priority is to implement the recommendations of the National Defense Strategy Commission report. These recommendations include fully funding our military to face growing threats from great power competitors, Russia and China, and to modernize our aging equipment and infrastructure.

I’m also committed to ensuring that in addition to protecting American families, we’re also taking care of our service members and their families. I’ve led the charge on reforms to improve conditions in on-base privatized housing and to improve the quality of life for spouses of service members.

I’m pleased that President Trump shares my commitment to looking out for our Armed Forces and their families. I look forward to continuing to work with him on our national defense to ensure a strong, secure and prosperous America.