ed 2I believe Oklahoma parents and local officials know how to best educate Oklahoma’s children, not Washington bureaucrats.  I have consistently supported shifting more of the decision-making power in education from the federal level to state and local levels and will continue to do so.
Teachers, parents, families, and local communities must work together to create a safe environment where children can develop into honest, hardworking, and productive individual members of society.  Increasing state and local control, insisting on teacher and administrator accountability, and strengthening parental and community involvement is good for Oklahoma and our nation.  We must spend money wisely on the programs that support quality results, parental involvement, strong local control and high academic expectations.
I have long been a supporter of fully funding Impact Aid, the program that reimburses school districts for ad valorem revenues lost due to the location of federal property in those districts.  Impact Aid is the only federal education funding that comes with no strings attached and can be used for a wide array of educational needs.  Many schools in Oklahoma rely on funds received from Impact Aid to keep their teachers paid, their resources updated, and their doors open.