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Foreign Policy

Since the election of President Trump, I’ve noticed a marked difference in how America is perceived in the international community. After recovering from President Obama’s failed foreign policy initiatives, the United States is once again able to negotiate from a position of strength as the undisputed leader of the free world. Under President Trump we will continue to put the vital interests of the United States above the maintenance of global institutions to ensure a free, safe and prosperous America.

As the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I work on numerous foreign policy issues to ensure that we are trusted by our allies and feared by our adversaries. In the Senate, I’ve led efforts to take a hardline stance against rogue regimes, like Iran and North Korea, as well as preventing malign activity from our strategic competitors, like Russia and China.

I’ve stood up for our allies and friends, like Ukraine and Taiwan, and supported President Trump as he pulled the U.S. out of unaccountable bad deals, like the INF treaty and the Iran Deal. I’ve made sure our best friend in the Middle East, Israel, is taken care of--including by making sure our embassy was finally moved to Jerusalem. I’ve also worked diligently to stand up for marginalized communities. I’m going to continue to work with our allies and partners around the world to promote our American values of freedom and democracy.