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I’ve long believed that health care decisions should be between a patient and their doctor—not government bureaucrats. For too long, the Obama administration tried to insert themselves into families’ medical and health care decisions. We saw the results: skyrocketing costs and fewer options for care, especially in rural communities.

Obamacare was a complete failure. It drove up the cost of premiums by 227 percent for families in Oklahoma since 2014 and failed to provide choices—pushing everyone to an expensive, ‘one-size-fits-all’ health care system. During the last administration, President Trump and Senate Republicans took real steps to lower the cost of health care. One big way was creating guidance to give states more flexibility to provide better coverage and lower costs of premiums based on their unique circumstances, while maintaining strong protections for pre-existing conditions.

I am committed to finding solutions to improving accessibility to quality care for those in rural parts of Oklahoma and our country. While health reform is needed to provide quality medical care and stem the ever growing cost of health care, government takeovers are never the answer. Instead, I’m working with communities to support our rural hospitals and expand tele-health for Oklahomans.