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One of the inherent roles of government is to provide for a safe and suitable infrastructure to allow our nation access to transportation and fully connect our national economy. In addition to providing for the national defense, I believe the single greatest service we can provide our citizens is the necessary infrastructure to enable the United States to remain the economic engine that drives the world’s economy.

As the past Chairman of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I have worked to pass highway bills and water resources acts which have been historic for the nation and provided victories for Oklahoma. These bills have used our resources in a fiscally responsible manner and eliminated federal red tape to allow for more state and local control and for new construction and modernization of our nation's crumbling bridges, roads and infrastructure.

Additionally, as an active aviator for over forty years, I’ve seen firsthand how important our aviation infrastructure is for continued economic growth in Oklahoma. I am committed to helping the general and commercial aviation industries in Oklahoma. I will also work to make sure that our existing commercial airports get the resources they need to fulfill increased security requirements.