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There is no adequate compensation for the sacrifices our nation’s veterans have so bravely made on behalf of the United States. As the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and as an Army veteran, I am committed to standing up for all of our nation’s veterans and ensuring that we honor each of them with the proper care and support.

As a tireless advocate for our veterans, it is critically important to me that Oklahoma set the benchmark for the rest of the country in how we treat our veterans – and we’re doing exactly that. In just the last few years, I’ve enacted legislation to do everything from allow independent, third-party inspectors at VA hospitals to pushing all veterans care facilities to strive for higher rankings. I’ve also worked with President Trump to reform the VA and increase accountability—giving VA directors the ability to fire poorly performing employees and strengthening whistleblower protections. I am committed to a culture of continuous improvement at the VA.

For over 18 years, I have led a task force of veterans to stay apprised of the issues facing veterans in Oklahoma and across the country. These monthly meetings have resulted in legislation to increase education benefits, establish state of the art medical treatment facilities, and increase health care benefits and pension plans that enable our nation’s bravest men and women to have the ability to transition out of military service with world-class support. I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump to provide America’s soldiers and veterans the best possible care we can.