There is no adequate compensation for what our nation’s veterans have so bravely and honorably secured for us, but we can and we must endeavor to pay tribute to their service, by continuing our commitment to provide them with the best possible care and recognition.
As the Senior Member of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, I have sought the best compensation and care for America’s soldiers and veterans through fiscally sound measures that preserve the heritage of the U.S. Armed Forces.
I have successfully authored legislation to enhance veterans and active military education benefits, working to allow those benefits to be transferred to our GI’s spouses and children which provides a significant retention incentive to these troops.  I have authored provisions to create Traumatic Injury Centers of Excellence within the Veterans Administration to address the treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic extremity injuries and amputations, expanding the availability of medical and dental services for National Guard and Reserves, and enacting nutrition and dietary care for seriously ill and injured service members to aid in recovery.  I am still working to enact changes to improve our survivor benefits program so that surviving spouses receive full benefits.  I believe that our veterans are owed their 2nd Amendment rights.  Our veterans and their families are also owed dignified funerals free from political protests.  I believe in working to enact the best compensation and care for America’s soldiers, veterans, and their families through fiscally sound measures.
For over 17 years, I have led a task force of veterans meeting on a monthly basis to stay apprised of the issues facing veterans in Oklahoma and across the country.  These monthly meetings have resulted in legislation to increase education benefits and establish state of the art medical treatment facilities pushing for health care benefits and pension plans that enable this nation’s bravest men and women to transition out of active duty into retirement with dignity.