Durant Democrat: Inhofe visits Durant, tours industrial area

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By Dan Pennington

Published October 15, 2015


U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Ok) chairs the Environment and Public Works (EPW) in the United States Senate.

They oversee the Economic Development Authority. The EDA is who gave the grant to Durant for the CMC development east of Durant.

While the Senate is on recess this week, Inhofe saw this as a great opportunity to come to Durant and tour the area that will soon become Commercial Metals Company.

The area east of Durant on Old East Main near the bypass, will soon have a new entrance and exit ramp. He had a major part in funding the $1.5 million project.

The trucks carrying scrap metal to the facility will have a straight shot into the plant using the new highway addition.

Inhofe flew his “Harmon Rocket” experimental plane into Durant Regional Airport on Wednesday and met with the Democrat after his tour of the future Commercial Metals Company site east of Durant.

Inhofe has fond memories of the area from the days he shared an office with Wes Watkins.

Inhofe said, “I remember when Durant was way down economically.”

He would always pick up some of Lopez’ famous tamales and bring those home to his wife when he would visit Durant.

He said, “Durant is the success story. The EDA has done a great job here.”