ICYMI: Sen. Inhofe takes interviews on his heart surgery, recovery

KFAQ – The Pat Campbell Morning Show

Sen. Inhofe talked with Pat Campbell Tuesday morning from the hospital about his surgery, recovery, and quick return to Washington.

The Oklahoman Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe says he feels ‘great’ after surgery

Sen. Inhofe spoke with Chris Casteel of the Oklahoman Monday after his successful procedure.


FOX23 Tulsa Inhofe recovering from bypass surgery

Sen. Inhofe talked with FOX23 news anchor Michelle Linn on Tuesday for the 5 o’clock evening news about his surgery and the importance of routine checkups.


KOTV News on 6 Sen. Jim Inhofe recovering following surgery

Sen. Inhofe talked with NewsOn6 on Tuesday after being released from the hospital about how he had no warning signs of his heart condition. He encouraged even the healthiest of individuals to receive routine checkups.


Reuters – Oklahoma Sen. Inhofe Recovering at home after heart surgery

Sen. Inhofe was released just four days after heart surgery to continue his recovery from home and is expected to return in a few weeks to Washington.


Defense News SASC Ranking Member ‘Fully Engaged’ After Heart Surgery

In the statement his office released Monday morning, Inhofe was feisty as ever, urging his fellow lawmakers to strike a deal to reopen the federal government.”


HotAir.com – Inhofe feels ‘great’ after emergency heart surgery

“Thankfully, we’ll have the Senator around for awhile, after doctors performed an emergency quadruple bypass Friday – and at 78, that’s no joke. Inhofe says he ‘feels great’…”