Preserving Freedom for the Next Generation of Americans

This Independence Day, may we pause in reflection and gratitude for the freedoms we have come to enjoy in America. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of assembly. Political freedom to vote, to participate in government, to have a fair trial.

Our Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to form a government to protect and preserve these freedoms, and those who have served our nation in the U.S. military have insured these freedoms through their personal sacrifices both in times of war and in times of peace.

The past year, I have heard from many of you who are concerned about the direction of our country and what this means for the freedoms we have enjoyed for many generations. Between the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks across the globe and the encroaching growth of big government overreach here at home, the concern is for good reason. As President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

But I have confidence in the American people. As you continue to speak up, voice your concerns, and vote in elections, our government will be forced to respond to the checks and balances put in place by our Founding Fathers to help preserve freedom.

We have seen this most visibly over the past few years with a change of power in Congress and most recently with the courts blocking implementation of the Obama administration’s liberal policies issued by executive order or regulation. From the president’s executive order to grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrations to the president’s excessive EPA regulations with the Waters of the U.S. rule and the Clean Power Plan, the courts are now recognizing what Congress has been warning – the Obama administration’s big government overreach is illegal and unconstitutional and must be stopped.

I also have confidence in our military who will always answer when called upon. More than two centuries ago, John Adams, speaking about the birth of our nation, acknowledged the “toil, and blood, and treasure, that it will cost” to maintain and defend this nation. Since that first Independence Day celebration, our military members have seen us through many wars, and they continue to today as we face the most dangerous time in modern history. I am confident in their brave commitment and service, but I also believe and am fighting for our nation to better resource our all-volunteer force so that they can safely and effectively carry out each and every mission they are assigned to in support of America’s interests.

Today as we celebrate the 4th of July; as we take pride in the freedoms she has gifted us; and as we extend our gratitude to our servicemembers who’ve made the ultimate sacrifices, may we also recognize that we each have a role to play in preserving for the next generation the freedoms that have made America a shining city upon a hill and a beacon of hope for those around the world. 

Independence Day