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February 2009
Tulsa World: Bridging the gap
Stimulus Bill Will Stimulate Inflation Only (The Bulletin)
State Republicans rail against stimulus package (Tulsa World)
January 2009
Tulsa World: Oklahoma delegation says it will fight any Gitmo transfers to state
Oklahoman: Sen. Jim Inhofe bills would affect businesses
Joplin Globe: Inhofe discusses Tar Creek with Obama’s EPA nominee
Tulsa World: Inhofe requests a pledge for Tar Creek
Inhofe: Bailout Most Outrageous Vote'in U.S. History (Newsmax)
Tulsa World: Inhofe blasts Bush bid for rest of bailout
Oklahoman: Dispute between Sen. Tom Coburn and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatens water bill
Oklahoman Editorial: Oklahoma's representation still carries clout in Congress
The Oklahoman Editorial: Resolutions suggested as another year begins
December 2008
TULSA WORLD: Drill, baby?
Tulsa World Editorial: Huh?
LAWTON-CONSTITUTION: Inhofe offers positive words on BRAC projects, Obama picks
Human Events: Brief of the Week
Tulsa World: Grace at Work
Oklahoman: Editorial: Green team: Obama's choices will challenge Inhofe
Tulsa World: Sen. Inhofe says freeze plan dead
Tulsa World: Inhofe back from Afghan trip
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