Opinions and Editorials

October 2016
Elk City Daily: Inhofe: Republicans Keep Promise to make 114th Congress productive
Oklahoman: Protecting Farmers
Enid News: Vance Air Force Base is Here to Stay
September 2016
Seaport Magazine: Modernizing America's Ports for the Next Generation
Huffington Post: My Commitment to Flint and All Communities Facing a Water Infrastructure Crisis
August 2016
Eno Transportation Weekly: Congress Did Not Intend Greenhouse Gases to Be Measured for Highway Performance
Edmond Sun: INHOFE: Funding the Federal Government the Right Way
July 2016
AirVenture Today: Third Class Medical Reform
U.S. News & World Report: The New Nuclear Renaissance
June 2016
Tulsa World: U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe: Keep Our Communities Safe Act would protect public from criminal illegal aliens
Washington Examiner: GOP-led Congress achieves historic regulatory reform of broken environmental law
AOPA: Op-ed: Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 'Single Most Important' GA Bill Sen. Jim Inhofe Pushes for Medical Reform
May 2016
CitiesSpeak: Infrastructure Is the Economic Foundation of Our Communities and Country
April 2016
The Daily Signal: Obama’s Wrong: Climate Change Is Not Our Biggest Threat
NY Post: Earth Day marks the composting of the global climate deal
Tulsa World: Inhofe: Obama EPA budget shows misplaced climate change priorities
March 2016
The Oklahoman: Inhofe, Lankford: Many reasons not to take up Supreme Court nominee
January 2016
Washington Examiner: Why the Paris Climate Agreement will fail
Tulsa World: Sen. Jim Inhofe: Top ten reasons Obama and liberals were hit hard by omnibus funding bill
Irrigation Leader: Reforming the Endangered Species Act
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