Opinions and Editorials

May 2014
Washington Times: The Dim Future Of Affordable, Reliable Energy
February 2014
Wall Street Journal: Fill 'er Up—With Natural Gas
January 2014
Washington Times: Congress Should Repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard
December 2013
Oklahoman: Jim Inhofe: Existing sanctions on Iran must continue
November 2013
Celebrating National Adoption Month
October 2013
The Hill: White House regulating problems that don’t exist
September 2013
Washington Times: The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is dead on arrival
Washington Times: The Growing Divide in Military Readiness
US News: Obama's Syria Plan Is Strikes Masquerading as Strategy
August 2013
Okla Economic Report: Defense Dividends
Tulsa World: Stripping commanders' authority is a grave mistake
Repealing Obama's Ethanol Mandate
June 2013
USA Today: Obama climate plan harms economy
The Hill: Energy independence, today
Taipei Times: Securing a place for Taiwan at the table
POLITICO: Shrinking Defense Dollars and Biofuels
May 2013
IBD: To Defeat Iran, Drill For Energy At Home
USA Today: Obama can't wish away Syrian crisis
April 2013
Foreign Policy: Off to a Bad Start
The Hill: President Obama must get serious about challenges facing the military
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