Opinions and Editorials

January 2012
President Obama's defense strategy is dangerous
November 2011
Modernization must not fall victim to cuts (Roll Call Op/Ed 11/22/11)
The spirit of Thanksgiving (Edmond Sun Op/Ed 11/18/11)
Adoption: a story of hope, new beginnings (McAlester News-Capital Op/Ed 11/10/11)
Assisting Africa in fighting terrorism is in U.S. national security interest (Lawton Constitution Op/Ed 10/20/11)
October 2011
45th Infantry Brigade fighting, winning in Afghanistan (The Oklahoman Op/Ed 10/13/11)
September 2011
Our overregulated economy: Murder by 1,000 paper cuts (Investor's Business Daily Op/Ed 9/21/11)
The check is in the mail (Tulsa Today Op/Ed 09/14/11)
July 2011
Inhofe: Debt issue offers a chance for leadership (The Oklahoman Op/Ed 07/22/11)
Nation's Economic Woes Can Be Fixed (McAlester News-Capital Op/Ed 07/13/11)
June 2011
China's naval harrassments cannot be tolerated (The Hill's Congress Blog Op/Ed 06/21/11)
May 2011
We Remember Their Sacrifice (The Oklahoman Op/Ed 05/27/11)
March 2011
Earmark Ban a Huge Victory for Obama (Human Events Op/Ed 03/14/11)
February 2011
1980s gear harms troops (Politico Op/Ed 02/28/11)
Leadership for fiscal restraint (The Daily Oklahoman Op/Ed 2/13/11)
No one-size-fits-all flight regulations (Politico Op/Ed 2/7/11)
A look back (Tulsa World Op/Ed 2/5/11)
January 2011
Ending the federal spending spree (The Hill Op/Ed 1/28/11)
December 2010
INHOFE: The McCain-Coburn budget-balancing fraud (The Washington Times Op/Ed 12/3/10)
November 2010
Eliminating earmarks is a phony issue (National Review Op/Ed 11/12/10)
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