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Opinions and Editorials

February 2021
Inhofe in Foreign Policy: Congress Will Make It Tough for Biden on Iran
January 2021
Inhofe in Defense News: President Biden Shouldn't Replace Military Strength with Diplomacy
December 2020
Inhofe in the Lawton Constitution: Everyone Benefits from Defense Act
November 2020
Inhofe in the Guthrie News Leader: National Adoption Month: Angels in Adoption through the Years
Inhofe in the Tulsa World: Work moving forward to improve VA services to local veterans
Inhofe in the Sapulpa Herald: We Cannot Forget The Constitution
October 2020
Inhofe in the McAlester News: Down Syndrome Awareness Month
McAelster News-Capital Inhofe and Lankford in the McAlester News: Judge Amy Coney Barrett will serve well on US Supreme Court
Inhofe in the Woodward News: Amy Coney Barrett is the Right Choice for SCOTUS
September 2020
Religious Liberty is a Foundational American Value
July 2020
Inhofe in The Daily Signal: Don't Allow a Fringe Minority to Cut Our Much-Needed Defense Investments
June 2020
Inhofe and Reed in Proceedings: The Navy Needs A Course Correction
Inhofe in the Cushing Citizen: Supporting Foster Care Through Church-Based Organizations
May 2020
Inhofe and Reed in War on the Rocks: The Pacific Deterrence Initiative Will Promote Peace Through Strength in the Indo-Pacific
April 2020
Inhofe in the Midwest City Beacon: The Oklahoma Standard Always Prevails in Times of Crisis
Defense News Inhofe, Reed, Smith and Thornberry in Defense News: FCC and Ligado Are Undermining GPS - And Our Economy and National Security
Inhofe in the Muskogee Phoenix: Relief is on the way
March 2020
Inhofe in The Washington Post: We Should Increase U.S. Troop Presence in Africa, Not Decrease It
February 2020
Inhofe in The Weatherford Daily News: U.S. Senator gives thoughts on State of the Union Address
January 2020
The Washington Post Inhofe in The Washington Post: Iran Cannot Afford An All-Out War