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Opinions and Editorials

July 2017
The Oklahoman VA centers need more outside oversight
June 2017
Altus Times Investing in Military Infrastructure Keeps Altus and Our Nation Safe
Donald Trump Can Strengthen America by Dumping Paris Agreement: Sen. Inhofe
May 2017
The Hill: Time Is Now To Address Infrastructure Needs
April 2017
The Oklahoman Sen. Jim Inhofe: Neil Gorsuch's record is beyond criticism
March 2017
The Hill The Hill: Making Water Infrastructure a Priority
USA Today USA Today: Sen. Jim Inhofe: Lift Heavy Environment Regulations
The Hill The Hill: Security, safety top priorities in overturning midnight regulation
December 2016
Washington Examiner Prioritizing the environment and jobs with Pruitt at the helm of EPA
November 2016
Elk City Daily: Inhofe: Protecting Oklahoma's Farmers and Ranchers from Federal Overregulation
October 2016
Elk City Daily Newspaper Elk City Daily: Inhofe: Republicans Keep Promise to make 114th Congress productive
The Oklahoman Oklahoman: Protecting Farmers
Enid News and Eagle Enid News: Vance Air Force Base is Here to Stay
September 2016
Seaport Magazine Seaport Magazine: Modernizing America's Ports for the Next Generation
Huffington Post Huffington Post: My Commitment to Flint and All Communities Facing a Water Infrastructure Crisis
Miami Herald Miami Herald: Why I support restoration of the Florida Everglades
August 2016
Eno Transportation Weekly Eno Transportation Weekly: Congress Did Not Intend Greenhouse Gases to Be Measured for Highway Performance
Edmond Sun Edmond Sun: INHOFE: Funding the Federal Government the Right Way
July 2016
AirVenture Today: Third Class Medical Reform
U.S. News & World Report U.S. News & World Report: The New Nuclear Renaissance