Statement of J. Mark Osborn.MD “I would like to endorse the ATSDR’s recent report to Congress on the Tar Creek Superfund Site as a fair and balanced review of the current state of affairs at the site. It is the first attempt to collect the available scientific data and to identify the information necessary to fully understand the effects of soil remediation, lead paint abatement programs and the public health educational programs on lead toxicity. It will help to guide our efforts as we attempt to protect the health of our children and to restore our environment.

The evaluation and recommendations are in line with what I feel are the appropriate concerns as we prepare to move forward. Along with the Corps of Engineers’ Subsidence Risk Evaluation and Watershed Management Plan we are well on our way to a rational and cost effective determination of the potential remedies for the site. Although the area cannot be restored to its original state, with this information we can begin to make informed decisions for a comprehensive solution.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Senator Inhofe for his leadership on these matters. His request for an independent and scientific review was a necessary step in the process of understanding the health risks of the Superfund site. It would not have happened without the Senator and his staff and I appreciate their insistence that it proceed in an unfettered and independent fashion.

Although the work is not done, the process is in place, and we are headed in the right direction. For more than twenty-five years the Tar Creek Superfund Site has endangered the health and dimmed the prospects of northeastern Oklahoma. To be able to bring that chapter to a close will be a legacy of which we all will be proud.”


J. Mark Osborn MD