ICYMI: Inhofe Participates in EPW Hearing

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), senior member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, participated today in a committee hearing entitled “Promoting American Leadership in Reducing Air Emissions through Innovation.”

Click to watch Sen. Inhofe’s remarks.

Key Excerpts

Inhofe on the Paris Climate Agreement: “They always end up talking here about the great Paris Agreement … If there’s ever a joke, that’s it. You know, they’ve been trying for 21 years to get 192 countries, 196 countries, to agree on something that they’ll all agree on and when I talked to those individuals—and I’ve been at some of these meetings—they are there lining up to see who can get the most money out of this system. Now, this great Paris Agreement … what did we commit to in our country?

“President Obama said ‘we will reduce C02 emissions by 27 percent by 2025’. Now, we immediately—I was chairman of the committee at that time—we called his own EPA and said ‘we want you to come in a testify and tell us how you’re going to cut these emissions’… They refused to do it. I’ve never seen a time when someone in the jurisdiction of a committee refused to testify and the reason was that they couldn’t do it … They’ve tried for 21 years and this is the best they could come up with. …”

Inhofe on the economy: “Good things are happening right now. I mean, look at the economy. …

“ … I have personal experience in this because I was a builder and developer for 20, 25 years… I ended up… making the sacrifices, building, expanding the tax base, making money, losing money … The chief opponent I had, or opposition I had all that time, was the federal government. ...

“ … One of the great things this President has done is all of the CRAs, Congressional Review Acts, and I’m proud that mine was the first one to have a signing ceremony. …”

He added about the CRAs and executive orders: “… some 70 rules and regulations that have caused our economy to start turning around. …”

He also spoke about growing the GDP: “The second and third quarter of this administration—of this year—we’ve increased the economy by three percent … We are talking about ‘what can we do to increase the revenues that come into the United States,’ and one of the best ways is to increase our GDP and that’s exactly what we’re doing. …”

Sen. Inhofe submitted this article for the record.