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October 27, 2017

ICYMI: Inhofe: "We are in the most dangerous world we've ever faced..."

 U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke on the Senate floor on Wednesday evening about the global threats currently facing our nation, specifically in AFRICOM, Iran and North Korea.


“At a time when I hear colleagues across the aisle and political pundits ask the question, why do we have troops in various places like Africa, it's important to remember the strategic importance of Africa… 

“…Terrorists have expanded their capability throughout Africa. This year we've seen horrific events occurring at the hands of these extremists. On October 14, a truck bomber killed 300 people in Somalia's capital. In Niger, it just happened, that we had four of our U. S. Soldiers were killed in action on October 4 by an ISIS group. So we know that we have really serious problems… When people say what do we have to gain there, this is exactly the same situation that we saw in Afghanistan prior to the war there. The terrorists have to have a safe harbor to train in, and that is what was happening.”

On Iran:

“…when the president came out and said that he was not going to recertify the Iran deal, that was kind of -- that was kind of neat because people don't realize that it takes every 90 days of recertification by the president in order to keep the Iran deal together. Well, he has not done that. I happened to be shortly after that talking to Prime Minister Netanyahu and it was an incredible relief to him that we are going to be looking at this thing because still today, I think we all understand that Iran is the one that is financing terrorism all around the world... I look forward to working with my colleagues on this in the future so Iran does not become a nuclear nation, not now or never.”

On North Korea:

“President Trump's approach shows me and, more importantly, shows Kim Jong-Un that an “American First” foreign policy means we refuse to take a single-minded approach to global threats… North Korea officials have stated that they are not interested in diplomacy until they have an ICBM capable of reaching the east coast of the United States. Well, what does that tell you? It tells you that they're on their way. And this stresses the need for the United States to enhance and accelerate our ballistic missile systems and to continue to put pressure on North Korea through every other means we can, diplomatic and otherwise.”

On the NDAA:

“My recent travels enforced again what I've been saying for some time. That is, this is the most dangerous we've had certainly in my lifetime. But we have an opportunity to counter that threat right now. We're in the midst of our NDAA… And we have a serious readiness issues that are going to have to be addressed, and they are being addressed in this bill.

As Chairman of the Readiness Committee, I have fought hard to ensure that this year's NDAA takes care of these shortfalls that we have had… And this year's bill will increase the troop levels. We'll do what's necessary to correct these problems. We need to get moving on that and I think people who are aware of the threat that we're under need to know help is in fact on its way.” 

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