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September 11, 2020

In their Words: Praise for Inhofe's Work on Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Stakeholders, local and state leaders throughout Oklahoma praised Sen. Inhofe for his work to bring relief from the effects of COVID-19. Inhofe supported a package blocked by Senate Democrats to bring much needed coronavirus relief to Oklahomans and communities throughout the United States.  

Click here for a comment from Sen. Inhofe. 

“I am proud to know we have leadership like Sen. Inhofe in Washington fighting for us as we continue to navigate our way through the impacts of COVID-19,” said Governor Kevin Stitt.  “This targeted coronavirus relief package that Sen. Inhofe supported would give greater flexibility to state and local governments—exactly what we need. Protecting the health and lives of Oklahomans is my priority and we need to pass legislation to provide necessary resources while allowing individual states to tailor funding to their specific needs.”  

“Recently, Sen. Inhofe met with mayors from across the state where they outlined critical needs for the next stimulus package,” said Mike Fina, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Municipal League. “Sen. Inhofe not only listened to the mayors, he took action and worked to insure the needs of municipalities were addressed in Congress. We applaud him for supporting the latest relief package and thank him for being a champion for Oklahoma’s cities and towns.” 

“We are extremely thankful to Sen. Inhofe for supporting this package and his work on behalf of Oklahoma bankers and engagement with constituents during these trying times,” said Roger Beverage, President and CEO of the Oklahoma Bankers Association. “He continues to fight in Washington for the priorities of Oklahoma bankers and businesses as we navigate rebuilding and recovering from COVID-19. Thank you, Sen. Inhofe, for always making Oklahoma your priority, and for your consistent support of its banking industry.” 

“Oklahoma Farm Bureau is grateful for Sen. Jim Inhofe’s support of the Delivering Immediate Relief to America’s Families, Schools and Small Businesses Act, which would allow the USDA bring an additional $20 billion in aid to agricultural producers across the country reeling from the impacts of the coronavirus,” said Rodd Moesel, President of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. “Oklahoma farmers and ranchers continue to rise to the challenge of providing a steady and secure food supply, but not without facing the tremendous difficulties that come from unprecedented market and supply chain disruptions. We appreciate Sen. Inhofe’s efforts to bring relief to the dedicated Oklahomans working to feed our nation and our world.”  

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