Inhofe Addresses Energy and Climate Policy Summit

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a senior member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW), gave remarks to “At the Crossroads IV: Energy & Climate Policy Summit” hosted by the Heritage Foundation and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Senator Inhofe spoke about the regulatory success under President Trump and the revival of American energy.


Texas Public Policy Summit  

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Key Excerpts:

On Regulations:

The regulations, that’s the big thing that people don’t understand. When I read in the paper…that the president hasn’t done anything, that’s just wrong…if you just take the regulations that he has changed, I have a list…this shows all of the current regulations, we’re up to 66 regulations, that we have either taken out or are in the process…  

Growth in American Energy:

I know you know about the Obama War on fossil fuels…we depend on fossil fuels and nuclear for 80 percent of the power it takes to run this machine called America. How are you going to run the machine if you do away with it? …

The International Energy Agency said that the United States will be the undisputed leader in oil and gas for decades to come. Continental Oil, that’s another guy from Oklahoma…has already started exporting oil to China.

You got to keep in mind, this is also a huge thing for national security. All the former Soviet Union satellites around Russia, they don’t want to buy their oil from Russia. They want to buy it from the United States…we are opening this up and have increased our exports…  

On Climate Change:

The bottom line is that we’ve won…if you look at the polling that took place… At that time [2002], the March Gallup poll showed that global warming was the number one issue in America. Now it is number 15. The people have caught on. They know that the science is not definite, hasn’t been decided yet.