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March 22, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the eve of the second anniversary of Obamacare’s enactment, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a leading Senate conservative, made the following statement:

“This was President Obama’s signature issue, and it is so unpopular that he and Congressional Democrats are avoiding the occasion of its second anniversary.  Despite promising to bring health care costs down, the Congressional Budget Office projects that costs will continue to rise and more people will become dependent upon the federal government for their health care coverage, resulting in a skyrocketing federal debt.  The enactment of Obamacare has increased health care premiums for individuals and families and is actually making health care less affordable.  These are some of the reasons I voted against this program of socialized medicine and why we must repeal and replace this bad law.”  


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