WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator James M. Inhofe today issued the following statement regarding President George W. Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

“I am pleased that President Bush has put forward a nomination we can all support, a high minded constructionist judge with an unprecedented amount of experience in the legal field. Judge Sam Alito has had a highly distinguished career as a judge and appears to meet the standard of excellence for Supreme Court nominees. I look forward to learning more about Judge Alito’s judicial philosophy and closely examining his past decisions and writings.

“Unfortunately, Judge Alito’s nomination met a wave of partisan rhetoric from Senate Democrats just as soon as his selection was announced this morning. With our recent confirmation of a new Supreme Court Chief Justice the Senate has demonstrated its commitment to fair and dignified confirmation proceedings. I hope that Judge Alito’s nomination will receive the same treatment.

“Upon first glance, Judge Alito’s wealth of experience and legal accomplishments present him as an ideal candidate for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. I look forward to a fair hearing process and carrying out my Constitutional duty to provide advice and consent on the president’s judicial nominations.”