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October 29, 2006


WASHINGTON---U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today heralded the $45.75 million in essential funding he secured for Oklahoma contractors and industries included in the Conference Report for the Department of Defense Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2007 (HR.5631) . The Senate unanimously passed the measure this morning.

“This bill is a tremendous victory for our soldiers and for the Oklahoma firms that provide their tools in the Global War on Terror,” Inhofe said. “We must provide our military with the latest technologies to use on the battlefield and these projects are vital for the continued success of the United States military.”

Inhofe directed over $45 million in funding for Oklahoma contractors and industries.

Additionally the Defense Appropriations Conference Report of 2007 included:

  • $436.54 billion in new budget authority for the Department of Defense, which is $16.1 billion above the Administration’s request and $19.1 billion above the FY06 enacted level, excluding supplemental funding.


  • Temporary funding (through November 17, 2006) for programs whose FY07 appropriations bills have not yet been enacted.


  • A $70.0 billion supplemental for the Global War on Terror.


  • A 2.2-percent, across-the-board pay raise for military personnel.



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