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March 08, 2007


WASHINGTON, D.C. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Environment & Public Works Committee addressed several issues important to Oklahoma during yesterday’s EPW Committee hearing on EPA's budget. Senator Inhofe secured continued commitment from EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson for the Tar Creek Superfund site.
"With all parties working together including state agencies, tribal interests and Governor Brad Henry's office it is critical that EPA continue with its commitment to find a resolution to the Tar Creek superfund site,” Senator Inhofe said. “The State has taken the lead in the relocation actions and I commend them for that. With continued dedication from all agencies we can finally assure a resolution to this part of Ottawa County. As the Ranking Member of the EPW Committee, I remain committed along with Administrator Johnson to solving Tar Creek.  The EPA is an essential part of the process."
Senator Inhofe was instrumental in funding the Tar Creek subsidence study that has lead to the current relocation and he has secured $18.8 million for the current relocation activities. He has also committed to secure funding to support the remaining relocation. Senator Inhofe will continue to work with all federal and state agencies along with Governor Henry to achieve a resolution. 
Senator Inhofe also urged the EPA to finalize a new drinking water affordability standard so that the expenses small systems incur trying to comply with federal regulations are more accurately reflected in EPA's standard setting process.  Oklahoma water systems are struggling to comply with several EPA drinking water rules.
Senator Inhofe told Administrator Johnson that he expects a forthcoming oil spill rule to take into consideration the needs of Oklahoma's farmers and its small oil producers.  Finally, he asked the EPA to continue working with the state of Oklahoma to address inconsistent directions that the state has been receiving from EPA regarding its clean water program.

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