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March 03, 2010


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), today met with the Disabled American Veterans where he was presented with the DAV Award.  The award recognized him as continually “going to bat for veterans” with regard to the issue of advance appropriations for veteran’s health care.


“I am very honored to accept the Disabled American Veterans award and to have this opportunity to discuss the challenges that face our nation’s disabled veterans,” Inhofe said. “We owe these and all veterans a debt of gratitude.  They have sacrificed so much for our nation, and we must fulfill the promise to take care of them in return.  I will continue to fight for veterans in Oklahoma and across the country to ensure that their needs are met.”


“Without Senator Inhofe’s actions that helped clear the way for the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs would continue to cut services, ration care, be unable to hire sufficient staff and put off needed construction and repairs to its medical facilities, all because of inadequate funds and budget delays,” said National Commander Roberto “Bobby” Barrera.“This vital legislation will help every disabled veteran and every future disabled veteran.  This important legislation was passed because Senator Inhofe and so many others in Congress saw the need to put an end to chronic lapses in budgets that had persisted for decades. They stood up for veterans together, and veterans and their families are going to benefit.”

“Senator Inhofe was selected because of his long record in supporting not only disabled veterans but all veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces,” said Oklahoma’s Disabled American Veterans Adjutant Danny Oliver.  “He has championed our cause for many years.” 

Founded in 1920, the DAV is a non-profit organization with the purpose to better the lives of American disabled veterans. For the past three years, the DAV has awarded Members of Congress who have a long history of assisting veteran’s efforts in Congress. Today, theorganization has 1.2 million members, whom are all disabled veterans of the armed forces.


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