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January 30, 2020

Inhofe Highlights Political Reality About Democrats Call for Witnesses in Impeachment Trial

During the question-and-answer phase of the impeachment trial, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) asked a key question about the need for additional witnesses.  

Watch the question and response here.

Sen Inhofe’s question as read by Chief Justice Roberts: “Even if additional witnesses are called, do you ever envision the House Managers agreeing there has been a fair Senate trial if it ends in the President’s acquittal?”

The question was cosponsored by Senators Rounds and Young.

Excerpted Response from Mr. Sekulow:

“Mr. Chief Justice, Members of the Senate, the answer is no.

“Now, they will not agree that it's fair because what will happen is, if there's a discussion of witnesses and if we go to witnesses, Mr. Schumer has laid out the four he wants. He tells me we can have anybody we want. But the reality is, that also includes documents, and that includes other witnesses that it may lead to. So at some point you'll say, because this cannot go on forever and we will be at the election, this body will say, this has to come to an end. And they will say, ah-ha! It's been brought to an end as we were about to get the key evidence…

“… They're acting like there's been no witnesses presented here. They presented testimony -- 17. They may not have liked that we were able to respond to those 17 by playing those witnesses' words. By the way, the testimony of those witnesses were never done with cross-examination by the counsels for the president.

“So does this end? Will it ever be enough?

“There will only be enough if they got a conviction. That's what it's about. Because let's not forget for a moment this has been going on in one stage or another for three years now. My concern is, where's the end point in that? Their end point is just give us John Bolton and you don't get anybody. Or then, you know, you get one and we get one and then that one may lead to somebody else. It's not the way it works.

“They’ve said overwhelming proved 63 times. 63 times. …

“…I thought Mr. Philbin did a very effective job of explaining painstakingly now and multiple times, the issue of those subpoenas. And I thought the perfect analysis was when one of the Managers said, well, when people file Freedom of Information Act requests, they get answers. Mr. Philbin said, that's because they followed the law. They followed the rules.

“That is not what happened here. Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice.”

Inhofe submitted several questions during the question and answer phase. CLICK HERE to view his first question. 

As his questions are asked, they will be sent in a press release. Please contact our office if you need videos in a downloadable format.

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