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February 14, 2018

Inhofe Introduces Amendments on Immigration

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced two amendments for consideration during the immigration debate currently pending before the Senate.

“I’m pleased that the immigration legislation currently being considered in the Senate takes significant steps to strengthen border security, reform broken immigration policies like the Diversity Visa lottery and chain migration and present a realistic solution to protect DACA recipients. My amendments would promote national unity by establishing English as our national language and protect the safety of citizens, law enforcement and communities by ending the practice of ‘catching and releasing’ criminal aliens. I look forward to them being considered during the debate.”

 Amendment #1950, is based on S.678, the English Language Unity Act . The amendment would require the federal government to use the English language when acting with binding, legal authority. The bill makes common-sense exceptions to permit the federal government’s use of other languages, such as in cases of national security, international relations and trade, tourism, public safety and health and protecting the rights of victims.  

When introducing the legislation, Sen. Inhofe stated: “The power of language is to unify people of all walks of life; by establishing English as the official language of our nation we will become further united. I am pleased to have taken the first steps in enabling increased communication, assimilation and the success of those legally immigrating to the United States and working to become citizens.” 

Amendment #1949, is based on S.36, the Keep Our Communities Safe Act. The amendment would close the legal loophole that requires immigration authorities to release back into the United States criminal aliens who have not been accepted for deportation by their home countries; a practice also referred to as "catch and release." This amendment has been incorporated into the Republican proposal as Section 1501.

When introducing the legislation, Sen. Inhofe stated: “As the current law stands, an illegal alien with a criminal record is released back into the United States after six months if no other country accepts them for deportation. This catch-and-release practice puts our law abiding citizens, local law enforcement officials and communities at risk; it is time we passed commonsense legislation to protect them. The Keep Our Communities Safe Act closes the catch-and-release loophole and will ensure that illegal aliens who have been found guilty of violent crimes and aggravated felonies are not able to remain in our communities.”

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