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November 27, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today reiterated his position that U.N. Amb. Susan Rice would be an unfit replacement for Secretary of State Hilary Clinton should Clinton step down: 

“As I said before, UN Ambassador Susan Rice is not a fitting replacement to be Secretary of State.  There are more reasons to oppose a potential Rice nomination beyond the Benghazi issue.  As I previously said, she has been the Obama administration’s point person at the U.N. on issues that threaten U.S. sovereignty.  She has also not been an effective diplomat or manager at the U.N. as evidenced by her failure to persuade Russia and China to join the U.S. in reining in Iran’s nuclear ambitions, stop the bloody civil war in Syria and halt North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.  In addition, I find her position on Israel-Palestine relations concerning, especially her reluctant efforts last October to enforce the legislatively mandated cutting-off of aid to the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) when it extended membership to the Palestinian Authority before the PA was recognized as a full U.N. member.  At that time, Ambassador Rice, while acknowledging the law, furiously tried to push millions of taxpayer dollars out the door of the State Department to UNESCO before the law was due to take effect.   

“Yesterday, it seemed possible that Susan Rice had been unwittingly used by the Obama administration to misrepresent to the American people what really happened in Benghazi.  After her meeting today on Capitol Hill with some of my colleagues, it is now clear that she willingly mislead the American public five different times in the days after the attack.  And for months after the attack she failed to acknowledge, until today, that her account of what happened was deeply and fundamentally flawed.  These are the reasons I maintain my position that makes her an unfit replacement for Secretary Clinton.” 


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