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June 25, 2021

Inhofe Meets with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Inhofe meets with President Ghani - Small

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, met with President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan yesterday. 

“Yesterday, I relayed my commitment to President Ghani and the people of Afghanistan — especially the thousands of interpreters, translators and their families who aided our cause in the country,” Inhofe said. “I promised to keep the pressure on the Biden Administration not to abandon the country and let the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, supported by Iran, roll back years of progress in the fight against terrorism.”

Inhofe also presented Ghani with a copy of his June 14 Wall Street Journal op-ed, in which he urged President Biden to reconsider a total withdrawal from Afghanistan, instead opting to leave 1,000 U.S. troops for a more limited timeframe.


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