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January 19, 2018

Inhofe Praises 45th Annual March for Life

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, praised the 45th annual March for Life.

“It is inspiring to see the tens of thousands of Americans stand up today to protect the most vulnerable among us and recognize the sanctity and dignity of human life. As a leader for pro-life values in Congress, I especially appreciate the continued support of President Trump and his administration in fighting to end the era of on-demand abortion by reinstating the Mexico City policy, which prohibits taxpayer dollars from going to foreign aid organizations that perform abortions, overturning an Obama-era rule that required states to fund Planned Parenthood and expanding the right of health care workers who decline to participate in abortion services.”

Inhofe is a cosponsor of the following pro-life bills: 

  • Conscience Protection Act – Protects health care providers, including health care professionals, entities and health insurance plans from government discrimination if they decline to participate in abortions.
  • Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – Ends elective abortions after 20 weeks. The United States is one of just six other countries (including North Korea) to allow elective abortion after 20 weeks. 
  • No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act – Establishes a government-wide prohibition on abortion funding and makes Hyde Amendment permanent.
  • Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act – If a baby is born after a failed abortion attempt, it must receive the same medical care as a baby born any other way and strengthens the Born Alive Infants Protection Act
  • Life at Conception Act 2017 – Declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being at all stages of life, including the moment of fertilization, at which an individual comes into being.

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