Inhofe Praises Bridenstine Confirmation as NASA Administrator

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe today praised the Senate confirmation of Rep. Jim Bridenstine, of Oklahoma, to be Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Inhofe spoke on the Senate floor earlier today about his qualifications for the position.

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I agree wholeheartedly with the comments that have been made about Jim Bridenstine. I was on the committee that went through confirmation. I have never heard so many things. One thing they all had in common was none of them knew Jim Bridenstine.

My associate talked about a smear campaign. I have never seen a smear campaign like that had, never so much hatred for no reason at all. The two of us know Jim Bridenstine well. In fact, he holds the First Congressional District for the state of Oklahoma. That was my seat, I held that seat for eight years. And of course I have gotten to know him very well since that time and the things that have been said about him, again, they just don't know him and didn't want to know him.

So we have an administrator who I think is going to do a good job.

The best thing I can do now … is just to make two quotes.

One is from the 2015 Space News. They named him one of five space leaders making a difference.

Then, the mention was made of Buzz Aldrin. There is no one who is better known in that community than Buzz Aldrin. I want to go ahead and use his statement--he said: “We heartedly support the president’s nomination of Mr. Bridenstine as the next NASA administrator wish him Godspeed during the Senate confirmation process. We encourage you to join us in uniting the space community and our nation behind this nominee so NASA can return to its job of boldly exploring the final frontier.”

I couldn’t say it better than that, so I leave you with that recommendation from Buzz Aldrin and I look forward to [Bridenstine’s] confirmation. I yield the floor.

During the confirmation process, Sen. Inhofe introduced Congressman Bridenstine in the Commerce Committee. View his introduction and remarks.