WASHINGTON, D.C. – Marking November as National Adoption Month, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), co-chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, praised Senate passage of S.Res.291 last night.  Co-sponsored by Inhofe, S.Res. 291 expresses support for the goals of National Adoption Day and National Adoption Month by promoting national awareness of adoption and the children awaiting families, celebrating children and families involved in adoption, and encouraging Americans to secure safety, permanency, and well-being for all children.
"As the grandfather of an adopted child from Ethiopia, I am very pleased that the Senate has chosen to recognize and honor National Adoption Day and National Adoption month,” Inhofe said. “I commend my senate colleagues and also encourage them to support my legislative efforts to make the adoption process more efficient. It is estimated that there are over 143 million orphans in the world today, therefore we must work to make it easier for American families to adopt and easier for orphaned children to be adopted.”

Adoption legislation co-sponsored by Senator Inhofe:

Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act (FACE) Act, S. 1359
– Legislation which would streamline the international adoption process so that a child adopted by a U.S. parent becomes a citizen of the U.S. at the point of full and final adoption.  Currently, the full and final adoption usually happens in the child’s country, but U.S. citizenship doesn’t attach until the child reaches U.S. soil. As a result, the adoptive parents have to pay significant amounts to get a visa and put their child through the immigration process just to fly to the U.S. It could also define an internationally adopted child a citizen from birth.

Families for Orphans Act, S. 1458
– Aims to better coordinate efforts on behalf of orphaned children. Currently, the responsibility for addressing the needs of orphaned children is divided among various offices and bureaus which are not necessarily working together to accomplish a cohesive strategy. The legislation will put in place a system to eradicate the unnecessary duplication of efforts in order to more efficiently meet the needs of orphaned children.  The Office for Orphan Policy, Development and Diplomacy under the U.S. Department of State will capably coordinate both domestic and international efforts on behalf of children seeking homes.
S. 1376 – A bill to restore immunization and sibling age exemptions for children adopted by United States citizens under the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption to allow their admission to the United States. Allows U.S. parents adopting a foreign born child to bring to U.S. for immunizations and allows U.S. parents to adopt multiple children who are siblings even if one of the children is between 16 and 18.