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April 28, 2021

Inhofe Responds to Biden's Joint Address to Congress

Today, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) provided the following video response to President Biden’s joint address to Congress. Specific areas he addressed included the coronavirus, the Biden “infrastructure” plan and big government spending spree –as well as noting concern on the border crisis and how investing in our military to compete with Russia and China wasn’t given sufficient priority.  


Click here to watch Inhofe’s full remarks.


Remarks as prepared for delivery:

I was listening tonight for the unity we were promised – the commitment to bipartisanship that Biden promised during his inauguration. I was disappointed – sure he talked about the idea, but his proposed actions told a different story.

First, he gave an update on the coronavirus and vaccine efforts. He announced that his administration had surpassed the “goals” that it set. But we all know the real person to thank for the vaccine is President Donald Trump, because he launched Operation Warp Speed. We now have vaccines available for any American who wants one; it was a true success. Thank you, President Trump.

Biden also emphasized his $2 trillion dollar plan –he claims it is about infrastructure, but it is really just the Green New Deal in disguise. The Biden Plan spends more on electric vehicles than on all traditional infrastructure combined. Just seven percent of the Biden Plan goes to roads, bridges, airports and waterways – what we can agree is infrastructure – and the rest goes to enacting the radical climate agenda.

Clearly the Biden administration is trying use the popularity of traditional infrastructure to enact the progressive wish list. Fortunately, Republicans and Democrats have an alternative in Sen. Capito’s proposal and I hope President Biden is genuine in his openness to considering that legislation and compromise.

President Biden’s biggest push tonight was for another new big spending plan – which would cost another $1.8 trillion.  All told, in just 100 days, Biden has already spent or proposed spending over $6 trillion. Not a single dollar of that is for our national defense.

Biden’s team has said the right things about China and Russia – but they aren’t doing anything to back it up. The Bipartisan National Defense Strategy Commission Report agrees that we must increase defense spending by three to five percent each year to keep our edge against China. Yet, after proposing $6 trillion in new spending, he doesn’t even give our troops enough of an increase to keep pace with inflation in the budget.

I’m also very concerned about the border, and I don’t think President Biden is. Trump’s policies were working. Biden’s aren’t. The Border Patrol projects another 172,000 border apprehensions in April, which is 255 percent higher than the three year average. It’s clearly a crisis – but Biden still won’t treat it like one. We have to get a handle on the border before we can have a real conversation about immigration reform.

Bottom line – this speech wasn’t about unity or policies for all Americans. This was a traditional tax and spend Democratic speech with a progressive and environmentalist flair. 

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