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January 18, 2019

Inhofe Stands for Life by Sponsoring Nine Pro-Life Bills

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), member of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, co-sponsored nine pro-life bills in advance of the annual March for Life this week.

“Our government has both a moral and constitutional obligation to protect the sanctity of human life—especially the unborn.” Inhofe said. “I am proud to continue to fight for the precious lives of the most vulnerable among us and sponsor these bills. Since Roe v. Wade, over 60 million babies have been deprived the ability to experience the miracle of life. It’s time we end on-demand abortion and these bills are an important first step in protecting the basic right to life.

“Additionally, I’d like to invite any Oklahomans who are participating in March for Life this week in Washington, D.C. to come by my Washington office when you are in town and share why you are marching for life.”

The legislation Inhofe sponsored includes protections against a wide range of abuses, including ensuring taxpayer funding cannot go to abortions or Planned Parenthood and protects the lives of the unborn who survive abortion or can feel pain.

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act would establish a government-wide statutory prohibition on taxpayer subsidies for abortion and abortion coverage.  This legislation also prohibits subsidies in the form of refundable advanceable tax credits for abortion coverage through PPACA and codifies an annual renewed appropriations policy providing conscience protections.

The Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act would prohibit Title X Family Planning Program funds from being used to subsidize abortions. Every year, Planned Parenthood receives nearly $60 million from the American taxpayer through the Title X Family Planning Program.  The program is intended to assist low-income women with family planning services. Unfortunately, this money is being used to subsidize massive organizations that engage in abortion activities such as Planned Parenthood.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act would ensure that a baby who survives an abortion will receive the same treatment as any child naturally born premature at the same age, without prescribing any particular form of treatment. 

The Protect Funding for Women’s Health Care Act would prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood or any of its affiliates while protecting federal funding for critical health services for women, including cervical and breast cancer screenings, diagnostic laboratory and radiology services, well-child care, prenatal and postnatal care, immunizations, and more.

The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act would prohibit taking minors across State lines in circumvention of laws requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would prohibit abortions from being performed on unborn babies who are at or older than 20 weeks post-fertilization.

The Life at Conception Act would recognize that life begins at conception.

The Conscience Protection Act would prevent any federal, state, or local government from penalizing or discriminating against a health care provider (physicians, nurses, insurance plans, etc.) if the provider does not participate in the highly controversial practice of abortion.

The Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Act would amend the Foreign Assistance Act to ensure that no funds may be made available to nonprofits, foreign non-governmental organizations, and quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organizations that perform abortions, counsel for abortion, or lobby for abortion policies or expanded access in a foreign country.

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