Inhofe Statement on Democrat Shutdown

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, (R-Okla.), made the following statement on the Democrat Shutdown:

“The Democrats are refusing do what is right and secure our borders, calling it an ‘expensive and ineffective solution.’ Here is what we know—walls work and it isn’t too expensive to secure our border and protect American families from drugs, human trafficking and crime.

“This latest obstruction is a charade. The same Democrats saying this is too expensive voted to give President Obama $787 billion for a failed stimulus package—which ended up costing the American taxpayer $836 billion—confirming yet again that Democrats are willing to oppose any policy, even policies they have supported in the past, just to oppose President Trump. Again—the Democrats, who ten years ago who gave Obama hundreds of billions, won’t give President Trump $5 billion for border security. I’m proud to stand strong with President Trump to secure our southern border.”