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December 18, 2019

Inhofe Statement on House Impeachment Vote

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) released the following statement today ahead of the House Floor vote on the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump:

 “The President is not going to be removed from office – period. The House’s action is nothing more than a political sham – one that the vast majority of Oklahomans and I are sick and tired of.” Inhofe said. “Nothing speaks to the political motivation of this action more than Speaker Pelosi’s recent admission that she and House Democrats have been working to impeach the President for two and a half years. The liberal national media has been complicit. As the President reminded us in his letter to the Speaker yesterday, the Washington Post first reported about liberal efforts to impeach the President only nineteen minutes after he was inaugurated, and it has been a steady drumbeat since. If House Democrats spent half as much time and money actually getting work done for the American people, they might have something to show for their time in the majority. But they do not.

 “Thankfully, we have a president and Senate Republicans who continue to move the ball forward on things that truly matter in the long run: confirming 175 constitutional judges in lifetime appointments; creating over 7 million jobs with a booming economy; rebuilding our military with a newly established Space Force; securing our southern border; and restoring relationships with our allies like Israel so our enemies that finally fear and respect us again. It’s truly remarkable what we have been able to accomplish with President Trump, and we’re just getting started.”

 Background about the impeachment process: Later this evening, the House of Representatives is expected to pass articles of impeachment against President Trump. At that point, he will have been impeached by the House. Impeachment does not remove the President from office, but sends the articles to the Senate. In the new year, if the House passes them, the Senate is required to conduct a trial on the articles of impeachment. Details and timing of the trial process are expected in early January. The president will only be removed from office if two-thirds of the Senators vote to convict. Sen. Inhofe is already on record that he has not seen evidence of wrongdoing by the president and sees no reason to convict.

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