Inhofe Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Paris

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement regarding Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, France, which ISIS has claimed responsibility: 

“My prayers are with the city of Paris and all who have been impacted by this act of evil. The United States stands with the people of France, with our close friends in Europe, and with our allies around the world. What took place on Friday was an act of war. To defeat terrorist organizations like ISIS, it will require the United States and our allies to be more unified in responding to the reality that we are and remain at war with radical extremists. Pinprick responses in the Middle East over the past few years and lack of overall strategy is failing. Unless the United States and our allies recognize this, we will all remain vulnerable to another 9/11 in the United States, another 7/7 in London, another 11/3 in Madrid or another 11/13 in Paris. We must seize this wake-up call to assess and improve our intelligence collection capabilities with our partners and allies around the globe. The United States must also stop retreating from its global responsibility to lead, which has created a vacuum that has been filled by the likes of ISIS and others. We must secure our borders and fully screen those who want to enter our country. Most importantly, we must better fund our military to provide for our national defense, which the Obama administration has hollowed out to the point we are not able to carry on our historical responsibilities around the world and here at home. We cannot afford to put political correctness ahead of the security of America. Radical Islamist groups have not only killed a large number of Westerners and attempted to wreck our sense of security, but they also have senselessly murdered tens of thousands of Middle Easterners and displaced hundreds of thousands more in recent years. We cannot just degrade or contain extreme terrorist organizations like ISIS. It’s time the United States and the international community stands unified to defeat them.”