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April 13, 2018

Inhofe Talks Border Security and Taiwan on the Radio

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) spoke on the radio this week about border security and a recent letter he sent to President Trump urging him to aid in Taiwan’s self-defense efforts.
Calvin KTOK

Sen. Inhofe and Calvin Wright of KTOK Radio in Oklahoma City talked border security, Syria and a recent letter Sen. Inhofe sent to President Trump to support Taiwan.

On support for Taiwan:

 “They are courageous, they certainly have resources, democracy has worked successfully there, but they need to have equipment because of the threat that they’re under.”

Listen to the full segment here.

Scott KLBC

Sen. Inhofe and Scott Corbin of KLBC Radio in Durant talked border security, deregulation and North Korea.

On the president’s response to North Korea:

“We have a very forceful president who is just not going to take that kind of guff and I thought it was very refreshing. ..."

Listen to the full segment here.



Sen. Inhofe and Leroy Billy of KPRV Radio in Poteau talked border security and deregulation.

On border security:

“During the Obama Administration, Obama had actually invited illegals to come across the border and he had a system set up where the border patrol, under his orders, would take these people, put them in these centers where they would feed them and give them, you know, the health needs that they had, and then they'd just disappear.  They'd be integrated into our country. ... We are passing legislation to preclude that. … We have a border and it should be a binding border.”

Listen to the full segment here.



Sen. Inhofe and Kyle Hey of KNID Radio in Enid talked about deregulation and Syria.

On President Trump’s follow-through:

“He backs up what he says. Look at regulations. Our biggest problem to our economy during the eight years of Obama was the overregulations. If you don't believe it, talk to any of the farmers who are listening to us right now ...”

Listen to the full segment here.




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