Inhofe Talks Kim Jong Un and National Defense on the Radio

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) spoke on the radio today about topics including Kim Jong Un, national defense and how deregulation is helping the economy.

3.6.18 KRMG

Sen. Inhofe and Rick Couri of KRMG Radio in Tulsa talked infrastructure, tax reform and defense.

On the state of the military:

“I think you are aware that we have now changed our budget so that after eight years of Obama and weakening our military we are now back starting to rebuild again.”

Listen to the full segment here.


3.6.18 KOKC

Sen. Inhofe and Tod Tucker of KOKC Radio in Oklahoma City talked tax reform, infrastructure and China.

On China:

 “They have—without any authority, without any ownership—have, they call it reclaimed land, but it’s not reclaimed. They have created land out of ocean right where we need to have the capacity to ship our goods in the South China Sea.

Listen to the full segment here.


3.6.18 OK Farm


Sen. Inhofe and Ron Hays of the Oklahoma Farm Report talked the FARM Act and North Korea.


On Kim Jung Un’s statement to negotiate:

“Last night was a big victory and the fact that we are now negotiating—well, we are actually encouraging North Korea to negotiate with South Korea.”

Listen to the full segment here.


3.6.18 KGYN

Sen. Inhofe and Rick Brady of KGYN Radio in Guymon talked deregulation, tax reform and infrastructure.

On deregulation and tax reform:

 “It’s working. All of a sudden the economy is growing. The tax relief act that was passed—it’s put us back at a new level of prosperity in this country.”

Listen to the full segment here.



3.6.18 Crossover

Sen. Inhofe and Phillip Larsen and Jeremy Coleman of Crossover Radio in Bethany talked his recent trip overseas, defense and Congress’ job in Washingon.

On the Constitution and Congress’ job:

“There’s an old document no one reads anymore. It’s called the Constitution and it talks about what we are supposed to be doing here. It’s, number one, rebuilding our military and number two is infrastructure.”

Listen to the full segment here.