Inhofe Talks NDAA and Tax Reform Updates on the Radio

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) participated in local radio calls today where he discussed a wide range of topics, including tax reform, the NDAA and the threat posed by North Korea.


Sen.   Inhofe and J Douglas of K101/KWOX Radio in Woodward talked North Korea, the   and tax reform.

On  tax reform:

“Those   who say you can’t increase revenue by reducing marginal rates are dead wrong   and we are going to prove it.”

Listen to the full segment here.


Sen.   Inhofe and Cameron Dole of KWHW Radio in Altus talked the Altus fire station,   military readiness and tax reform.

On  the threat of North Korea:

“The   military themselves—and normally they don’t do this—they admit … that we today have a hollow force like we had   in the late 1970s. So, that’s the biggest problem, but it’s a problem nobody   is aware of.”

Listen to the full segment here. 


Sen.   Inhofe and Todd Brunner of KWEY Radio in Weatherford talked tax reform and   missile defense.

On  the United States leadership around the world:

“Now   we are considered the leader of the free world again, which we weren’t just a   year ago.”

Listen to the full segment here.


Sen.   Inhofe and Skyler Cooper of KRMG Radio in Tulsa talked pass-through   businesses, tax reform and the Middle East.

On  tax reform:

“A   lot of changes are taking place … I’m very excited about it.”

Listen to the full segment here.