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March 05, 2018

Inhofe Talks North Korea and Billy Graham on the Radio

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) spoke on the radio last week about topics including the success of Oklahoma military bases, North Korea and the passing of Billy Graham.


Sen. Inhofe and Will Dance of KZLS Radio in Yukon talked infrastructure, tax reform, deregulation and North Korea.

On deregulation:

“One reason the economy has rebounded in Oklahoma since Trump has been president is because he’s gotten rid of a lot of these overregulations.”

Listen to the full segment here.



Sen. Inhofe and Chris Bradley of KNED Radio in McAlester talked tax reform, infrastructure and the military.

On the economy under President Trump:

 “As a result of his efforts—and working with him—we now have increased the economic activity. Well, during the eight years of Obama, the economy grew an average of one and a half percent each year. This President is already up well over three percent a year.”

Listen to the full segment here.


KOOL 3.1.18

Sen. Inhofe and George Plummer of KOOL Radio in Chickasha talked tax reform and deregulation.

On Kim Jong Un:

“One thing you have to say about Kim Jong Un is that he’s not predictable. Every time we have a hearing, all of our top brass in the military say that he’s just not predictable.”

Listen to the full segment here.


KSPI 3.1.18

Sen. Inhofe and Bill Van Ness of KSPI Radio in Stillwater talked Billy Graham, deregulation and infrastructure.

On Billy Graham:

 “He was just such a great guy. His son Franklin Graham is also, I think, a star…I loved Billy Graham—Billy Graham and Bill Bright and a guy named Doug Coe—all three of them were the ones who transformed this nation.”

Listen to the full segment here.



KGWA 3.1.18

Sen. Inhofe and Alan Clepper of KGWA Radio in Enid talked his recent trip overseas, defense and Billy Graham.

On success of Oklahoma military bases:

“The reason that we have been successful in all five of our military operations in Oklahoma is community support. That’s a major thing that we do that other people don’t do.”

Listen to the full segment here.




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